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A message from Tim:

Building a team is an act of creation. It is no less an art than building a cathedral or writing a novel. The great resignation has shown us that the conventional business advice of today simply doesn't work. Recruiters don’t focus on building a team; they focus on filling a role. The natural result is apathetic workers and disconnected managers. There is a better way!

Through my experiences, through the lessons that I picked up, I aim to teach you just that. By the time you are done with this book, you will be well-versed with the lessons that took me years to learn. Consider this book a case study in servant leadership. You will be able to use what has worked for me and avoid the mistakes I made along the way.

So, if you are an entrepreneur-in-the-making, or a business owner that is tired of being stagnant, it is time to grab yourself a pen and a notepad, perhaps a cup of coffee, and start learning. Let me help you achieve your goals, starting today!

Tim Prunyi has helped over a hundred small businesses get off the ground, both through his own consulting work, and with the non-profit organization, American Dream U. He has onboarded hundreds of top-performing team members for big and small companies. He has dedicated his career to bridging the gap between teaching and team-building. He has personally helped thousands of students achieve their potential and is always adding skills to his toolbelt. He founded Tim’s Tutors to help kids in Las Vegas have a fighting chance. Tim has studied at institutions as diverse as Cornell University and Cardone University. He has helped start half a dozen Christian and secular schools on three different continents. He has his MBA, PMP, and Six Sigma Black Belt, but believes that the most important lessons are not taught in schools. He founded Scrum Servant to help businesses build teams that last.

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